Drawing and creating have always been a part of Lara’s life. She has spent all her life living in Johannesburg – being born, raised, and married and now raising her own children there. Being African and a part of Africa is something she embraces. The landscapes of this striking and contradictory Africa are what inspire her to paint or take photos – this splendor of remote, harsh, arid areas through to lush, fertile farmlands.

Clothing and graphic design were among her early qualifications and she work for a number of years as a graphic designer. Having completed her BPsych (Hons) degree in Psychology she currently counsels in private practice.

In her endeavor to constantly challenge herself to “see” she enjoys practicing photography, a medium different to painting and drawing, but through which she can express herself.

Her art work hangs in private homes and some transform the wall of office buildings. It is knowing that people are finding pleasure in her work, both painting and photography, that motivates her.

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